Isabel Eriksson

My story

From the kidnapping in Stockholm to today - This is my story

I was kidnapped and in the hands of the bunker doctor. Today I live under a protected identity in a secret location. Today I am a creator and have published books about my experiences. I have been given a second chance at life and live as free a life as I can under my protected identity.

My books

I bunkerläkarens våld

When Isabel Eriksson wakes up, she doesn’t know where she is at first. The first thing she sees is a tin roof with wooden beams, she has a cannula in her arm and next to the bed she is lying in, a man is sitting staring at her.

He tells her that he kidnapped her and intends to keep her locked up. She’s supposed to be his girlfriend – maybe he’ll let her go in a couple of years, maybe not.

In the book ”I Bunkerläkarens våld” Isabel tells for the first time about her terrible experience in the bunker and how she managed to get out of there.

You are mine

When Isabel Eriksson wakes up she’s not sure where she is. She’s got a needle in her arm. Next to the bed a man is sitting and staring at her. He tells her that he intends to keep her locked up.

Isabel realises that the only way for her to get out alive is to somehow make him release her and so a psychological game begins.

Will Isabel remain in the bunker forever?

Stockholm Secrets

Stockholm Secrets is a novel that in an entertaining way tells the story of Mia and her friends who deceive the cultural elite with their half-finished sculptures. Their actual business as escorts gives them access to a world of luxury, but also creates relationship problems and other tough challenges. In the end, everything comes to a head – will they manage to keep their secret?


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